Intelligent Compaction

Agency: Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) 

Duration: September 2003 -  August 2006


The objective of the proposed study is to develop an “Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Analyzer (IACA)” for real-time monitoring of compaction level in the field.  The Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Analyzer (IACA) comprises of (i) an Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Module (IACM) that can be integrated with a vibratory compactor, and (ii) Intelligent Compaction Process Guidelines.  The Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Module (IACM) will primarily consist of sensors (e.g., accelerometers, temperature, pressure, displacement), an onboard computer that will process the signals from the sensors, a customized software and hardware package with pattern recognition and classification capability, and accessories including display panels, compaction level indicator lights, mounting brackets, etc.  The Intelligent Asphalt Compaction Process Guidelines will document the steps to be followed in achieving a desired compaction level in the field including the calibration of the IACM and interpretation of data.


Reports and Presentations

OCAST Year 1 Report

OCAST Year 2 Report

OCAST Final Report


IC Presentation

ASCE Field Validation