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Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (AIMS)



The Intelligent Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Oklahoma was established in cooperation with Nokia Mobile Phones Ltd., in 2002 to nurture research and education in Intelligent Manufacturing. The Lab replicates the manufacturing environment in the assembly of cellular phones and consists of two assembly lines containing modular assembly cells. These cells manufactured by Prodel Automation implement an asynchronous pallet transfer system and can be equipped with dual Cartesian manipulators, SCARA robot, or a six-axis Staubli manipulator. These modules are interchangeable and plugged to a centralized extendable base.  Pallets to each assembly station are transported by a conveyor system  integrated into the line.

The laboratory has among other robotic equipment, 2 dual-manipulator cells containing linear modules, an ADEPT robot, and a six-degree of freedom SCARA robot.

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